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Personalize your chopsticks with a personal engraving


At Chopstickx we offer a large assortment with a lot of different and unique chopsticks. We try to please everybody but sometimes even our most unique chopsticks are not unique enough. Therefore, it’s also possible to personalize chopsticks with an engraving. For both consumers and companies we offer suitable possibilities to personalize chopsticks with a personal engraving.


Order personalized chopsticks through our website


In our assortment we have a category of specially selected chopsticks which can be ordered with a personal engraving. When ordering these chopsticks, you can easily provide the text you want to be engraved and you can select the font in which it will be engraved. You can find the personalizable chopsticks in the menu under the head ‘Personalize’ at the top of the page. On the product page of these chopsticks you can indicate that you want to have an engraving added. Then you can add the chopsticks to your cart and order them by finalizing your order.


It does not matter whether you order five engraved pairs or just one, ordering personalized chopsticks through the site is always possible no matter the number. After placing your order, the chopsticks will be engraved with your desired text by our laser engraving machine. Because a laser engraving machine has a high tolerance the chopsticks can be engraved very precisely. The engraved parts of the chopsticks become slightly darker, making the engraving stand out even more.


The costs for adding a personalized engraving are just €3,95 per pair. Below you will find a few examples of engraved chopsticks.


Personalized chopsticks with engraving



Personalized chopsticks for business and events


Besides the possibility to engrave one or more pairs of personalized chopsticks, we offer companies or events the possibility to buy larger qualities of engraved chopsticks at interesting graduated prices. Already from 50 pairs you benefit from attractive graduated prices for engraved chopsticks. We can engrave the chopsticks with a text but also a logo can be engraved. As a set of chopsticks consists of two sticks, we can also place a different engraving on each chopstick.


Delivery time for larger orders of engraved chopsticks is two to three weeks on average. Do you need the chopsticks sooner? Then we can see what we can do for you.


Are you interested in engraved chopsticks? Feel free to contact us and we will try to work it out!

Read more about chopsticks for business here


Chopsticks for business