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In Asia no one is a stranger to eating with chopsticks. People do it all the time. For us Westerners it is not so common to eat with chopsticks and that can make for some clumsy dinner scenes. Often we do not know how to hold the chopsticks properly, let alone how to eat with them.


It is not that hard once you have tried it a couple of times. Therefore, on this page we will explain how to use your chopsticks.




To begin with, keep your hand spread as you can see on the illustration below.

 How to eat with chopsticks



Take the first chopstick in your hand. Rest the top of the stick between your thumb and clamp the stick with your thumb between your index and middle finger. When you move your index and middle finger up, you will see that you can make the stick go up and down.

Eat with chopsticks 



Before you try to use both chopsticks together, take the chopstick from step two out of your hand. In this step we will teach you how to hold the second stick first.

Begin by placing the back of the other chopstick between your thumb. Let the point rest on your ring finger and pink. When you move your ring finger and pink up and down, you will see that the chopsticks go up and down.

Eat with chopsticks 


To complete this last step, combine steps two en three by taking both chopsticks into your hand. Now you put your index finger on top of the above chopsticks. By making a scissoring movement with your fingers you can move them to and from each other. Enjoy your meal!

Holding chopsticks in your hand


Now you know how to eat with chopsticks, you can learn more about the chopsticks etiquette on the chopsticks etiquette page.