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Chopsticks for business


At Chopstickx we offer a wide and special assortment of chopsticks and related accessoires to offer something suitable to everyone. Also if you have special wishes, we will always try to find something for your need. 


We do not only supply our products to consumers, but we also offer a lot of possibilities for businesses  and customers who are interested in ordering larger quantities. We offer solutions for various situations. From durable chopsticks for your restaurant to chopsticks with your logo or tekst engraved . If you have any questions or wishes, feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to answer your questions or send you a quotation. 



Personalized chopsticks for business 


Personalized chopsticks

We are specialized in engraved chopsticks. We offer various models and types of wood which can be engraved with your logo or text. We can offer this possibility from 1 pair to as many as you want. From 50 pairs or more we offer interesting graduate prices for engraved chopsticks. Engraved chopsticks can for example be used as a business gift or for PR and marketing purposes. We are happy to think along with you how you can optimally use personalized chopsticks for your business. 


Read more about personalized chopsticks here






There are a lot of Japanese and other oriental restaurants nowadays. There are also a lot of western and international restaurants which serve asian dishes as well. Of course, Asian food should be consumed with chopsticks for the optimal experience. 


A lot of restaurants use disposable chopsticks, but these do no give a pretty feeling to their visitors. Therefore, we offer various very durable and dishwasher safe chopsticks which are very suitable for restaurants. When you order larger quantities of these chopsticks we offer interesting graduate prices. 


Are you interested to buy chopsticks for your restaurant? Please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help you. 


 chopsticks for restaurants


(christmas) holiday gift boxes


When you are looking for a truly unique and special holiday giftbox for your employees, think about chopsticks! Chopsticks are very nice and special to give in a holiday giftbox. We can help you with composing a suitable holiday giftbox for your business. We can include for example chopsticks with your corporate logo engraved on them and complement the chopsticks with an asian cooking book or ingredients. 


Or you could consider giving your employees a Chopstickx giftvoucher so that your employees can choose themselves what they would like. 


Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or ideas. 





Do you have an offline retail shop yourself? For example a shop which is specialized in kitchenware or tableware, and are you looking to complement your assortment? At Chopstickx we offer wholesale possibilities for  retailers who are interested in selling our products in their own store. Chopsticks do not require much space in your store and are a relatively low investment, but we are sure that they will be popular with your customers! 


Are you interested in selling chopsticks in your retail store? Feel free to ask for our retail catalogue. 



Other applications


Of course, the above mentioned possibilities are just a few examples. If your desired application is not mentioned, please feel free to ask us what we can offer you. We are happy to answer your questions.