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  • Special packaging

    All our chopsticks are always delivered in a special packaging

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  • Accessories

    Don't forget to complement your chopsticks with a chopstick rest or one of our other accesssories


  • Why order from us?
    When you order from us, we are excited to let you benefit from the following advantages:

    Flat rate shipping, always €4,99

    Shippping within 24 hours

    Exclusive assortment of chopsticks

    Worldwide shipping

    Always delivered in a special packaging

    Nice as a special gift

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Buy chopsticks online


Are you looking for nice chopsticks, do you want to buy chopsticks or do you want to know more about chopsticks? Or are you looking for a great and unique gift?


Special chopsticks


At Chopstickx we do our best to find and offer the most special chopsticks.


Furthermore, we are happy to inform you about chopsticks and the advantages of eating with chopsticks, besides the fact that eating with chopsticks is much fun to do.


Twin one chopsticks


Wide variety of chopsticks


If you are convinced of our products, then you can buy beautiful and special chopsticks from us. Our assortment is elaborate and continues to grow. We make this possible by our constant search for new and special chopsticks to offer to you. Therefore, you can always buy the most special at unique chopsticks at


Unique and customized chopsticks

Over time we have build a network of suppliers in, among others, China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. You don’t want to buy standard chopsticks, do you? Through this continuously growing network we can offer you more and more unique chopsticks and at the same time offer you the possibility to buy customized chopsticks at attractive prices.


Special present

Our chopsticks always come in a nice wrapping, but if you want to present your chopsticks in a really special way, you can also order special giftbags form our webshop. You can find our giftbags in the accessories category.  Chopsticks make a very nice present. Nowadays, a bottle of wine or flowers is a bit boring as a present. Chopsticks are definitely an extraordinary and unique gift. And maybe you can inspire people to start eating with chopsticks. Japanese and Chinese food is very popular these days and chopsticks are the finishing touch to an eating experience.


Chopstickx packaging


Personalized chopsticks


We can also help you if you want to give a more special gift or when you want your chopsticks to be personalized. Besides standard chopsticks we sell personalized chopsticks as well. When you tell us about your wishes, we can peronsalize your chopsticks with a personal engraving.  At only €3,95 a pair we can engrave your chopsticks with a personal text.


For companies (and private clients) who buy larger amounts (50 pairs or more), we offer personalized chopsticks at interesting graduated prices.


Personalized chopsticks



Fast delivery


When you order chopsticks from us, we will deliver your order as soon as possible. When you place an order, shipment of your order will be within one working day. Our chopsticks are always delivered in a beautiful wrapping which is also very suitable as a gift wrap.


Are you interested in buying special chopsticks after reading above mentioned information? Then please look around on our webshop, we offer a wide assortment of chopsticks, so you can always buy the most beautiful chopsticks.